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Our Story


about 5 years ago 2 good friends were chatting about their research for various education projects and about raising a family.

They soon realised that they had a HUGE amount of cross-over in their objectives and areas of study and a project began to Hatch...............


Cat Silcock is a chiropractor with post graduate studies in paediatrics and the mother of 3 children (one with ASD).


Jo Everill-Taylor is a highly experienced Movement Specialist and a mother of 2 “A” grade children.

Hatch Programmes bring together their unique skill set to try to make raising children just that bit easier- the common goal of all parents in helping their children excel!

Listen to Cat's story of getting a diagnosis for her son and the problems she expereinced that led to the development of Hatch Programmes.

Meet Fred, the inspiration for Hatch Programmes

Dr Catherine Silcock-Clinical Director

"To hatch is to break free of ones shell, to push through those boundaries that are holding one back from growing fully in life.


With my training as a Chiropractor (which included in depth study of neurology) plus my post graduate studies of paediatrics and as the mother of a child with ASD who I was adamant I wanted to help him as much as possible without pharmaceutical intervention I began investigating......In fact in my position one never stops investigating.


As such I have read many many books, articles and studies. We have attended various appointments with a myriad of specialists who brought a part of the mosaic of help to the table including nutritional advice, brain gym exercises, eye tracking, practical advice to help day to day while at the same time addressing the causes of my son's differences.


Over 2 years on and I have a significantly different child. The little boy who couldn't make eye contact, couldn't sit still, ate his clothes and had a delay in convergence with one eye is an extremely different individual these days. One of the first free readers in his class, popular, gifted at sport, his clothing is no longer chewed and he has more good days than bad at school (a real achievement)!


Hatch is a forum to bring all the knowledge gained through my education and experience to allow other parents to access it without having to juggle attending several different appointments with the demands of life with a young family. Sometimes it's essential to see a specialist in person but this program is designed to help your little chick break free of the shell that's holding them back from the comfort of their own home!"

Joanne Everill-Taylor- Exercise Director

Jo Everill-Taylor is a highly experienced Movement Specialist and has now been looking  after people’s health and fitness goals as an instructor for over 20  years.

She is a mum of 2 grown up children and brings her passion for education and movement to her role with the Hatch Programme.

She holds many qualifications over a vast range of subject areas:

Pilates  Coach, Biomechanics Trainer, Level 4 Specialist Back Care Instructor,  Children's Exercise Instructor, Exercise Referral Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Exercise Instructor, Pelvic Floor Safe Instructor, Personal  Trainer, Nutritional Counsellor, Group Exercise Instructor and Aqua  Instructor. She is also a Master Trainer for Beamfit UK. Jo has also studied Kinesiology with Touch for Health. 


Jo combines her coaching with international presenting for Drummond Education tutoring the next generation of instructors. Jo writes and delivers qualifications on a range of subjects within health and fitness.


Catherine Welch
Joanne Everill-Taylor

Thank You to Our Video Stars!

We couldn't have produced all our courses without the fantastic input of the kids in our videos. They are not child models, just ordinary kids, a couple of them with special needs, all of them willing to have a go at all the exercises and inspire others to do the same.

Fred Welch

Felix Welch

Sophia Berry

Sebastian Berry

Rachel Mepham

Eva Mepham

Claudia Rivero

Emily Silcock

Maria Silcock

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