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About Hatch Programmes


Each Hatch Programme is designed to support different types of children who display certain behavioural patterns

Take a look through the programmes on offer and choose the one whose description most closely matches your child and the needs they have.

What do the online Hatch Programmes include?


Each one includes a 12-week video programme of simple to do exercises.

This is enhanced by full supporting literature to enable you to optimise your child's development.

  • The programmes are designed to be followed over 12 weeks and each series of videos has a warm up section plus a main workout section.

  • The activities start simply and become more complex as you progress through the weeks.

  • The videos change every 2 weeks, so your child has enough time to practice and learn the exercises before progressing on.

  • The aim is to do the exercises 5 times per week- if you can do them every day then that would be great too! 

  • There is a  sticker chart to print off to help you keep track of how many times you've done the activities each week- you could get your child to put stickers on there after each session to help them recognise their achievements and hard work.

  • There is no need for any special equipment or clothing- just stretchy clothes that give your child freedom of movement.

  • There are over 104 different exercises in the 9 programmes- so lots of variety to bring out the best in your child.


We've also included a download area with extra support materials  on nutrition, support strategies and daily living skills.

Why Do Movement-Based Activities?


  • Movement is the foundation of all learning. It provides the building blocks for our developmental foundations. Sometimes our children struggle with certain building blocks and this affects how they respond to their environment and their future learning. 

  • We need to move to build synapses and neural pathways. These are how our brain/body connections develop. Certain movement patterns and exercises help us achieve this: All of this helps with our balance, our concentration, ability to see, hear, sit still.......and excel!

  • Hatch programmes are based on specific movements which can help re-programme your child's brain to improve their learning and help them develop. 

Based upon integrated learning strategies for retained reflexes, the Pilates method, kinesiology, brain training techniques and supporting nutritional and behavioural interventions, Hatch Programmes provide a unique developmental environment:

  • Movement-based

  • Holistic

  • Drug-free solutions

  • Help your child break out of their shell


Useful Background Research

. We've pulled together a whole host of related research to demonstarte how our programmes can support your child's journey through school and learning.

Click here to read more about how Hatch exercises can help your child.


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