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"We would highly recommend the Hatch programmes. Incredible thought, care and work has gone into producing this fantastic toolkit.

Clearly produced by a team who understand behaviour and neurological development.

Hatch is what we’ve been waiting for.

Very user-friendly and straightforward to follow.

Great feedback from the families we have recommended Hatch too.

Well done Hatch team!"

Claire Gordon,Chiropractor, Vital Health, Bristol, UK

April 2019

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From the Red Programme

"We have started the Red Hatch program for our son as he was struggling with focus and concentration at school and getting cross or frustrated easily both at home and at school which was having a big impact on daily life.


It’s been amazing to see the almost instant results.


The exercises are fun and don’t take long and the structure of the plan is very easy to follow.

Along with a few sessions with Catherine our son is much more focused and in tune with his body.


Highly recommend the Hatch program.

We will continue the exercises beyond the end of the program too."

J.K , March 2019

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From the Red Programme

“My son’s teacher raised some concerns about his concentration during his first term of reception.

He struggled during carpet time and often couldn’t answer questions about what had been discussed.

We started the Red Hatch Programme in November and are entering our last 2 weeks.

We’ve just had parents evening and his teacher says that concentration is greatly improved, he’s more engaged and can answer follow up questions.


This programme has made a huge difference to him and has really helped his learning. We are delighted with the progress, and so is he!”

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From the Red Programme

Here's a cute video sent in by a client of her son doing an exercise from the programme( with little sister joining in too!)

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From the Lime Programme

When I did the hatch exercises I felt relaxed and calm though each time I did them I always got a bit frustrated with myself.

My favourite exercise was the one were you rock trying not to touch the floor with your feet or head.

I had lots of fun with them and made them other movements and I was sitting back and relaxing when I just got rocked to and fro.

My brothers had fun doing it after me and always wanted to have a go but sadly they couldn’t.

I was fine being filmed and would be filmed anytime ,I’m proud to be part of hatch and love the all the exercises.

And I like the knee ones and all the toy soldier is exactly like the movement as the one I saw in a shop it’s so realistic I love that mum helps me and I’ve been showing my friends as well.

I love the exercises and can’t wait to do the next set.

Autistic Child aged 9

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From the Red Programme

I purchased the Red Hatch Programme for my son as he was struggling with meltdowns at home and concentration at school.


The benefits were apparent in a few short weeks.


The programme is easy to follow and my son enjoys doing them each day.


His meltdowns have become much less frequent and less upsetting for him, so he is coping with life in general much better.


This programme was amazing for us, what a difference! I'd highly recommend it if your child struggles with particular aspects of every day life.

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