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You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

We hear a lot about self care and it’s importance these days. In an era when we are much more open about mental health we can ensure we don’t reach breaking point.

As parents we are the foundation of the house of cards, if we wobble then everything else sways precariously so our well-being is paramount, even essential to our children’s well being.

We MUST put ourselves first! Put on our own oxygen masks before putting theirs on?

But how do we do that?

For me that’s having time to myself be that alone or with company, doing things I enjoy. This doesn’t need to be a weekend away although that is a sublime treat it can be as simple as a bubble bath or a walk.

Having someone have your children for a few hours while you do things that remind you you are human and not just filling the time doing chores (even if they desperately need doing).

Scheduling in regular time out be it an exercise class or a cuppa with a pal or in my case the walk home along the tow path in the morning after school drop off but before work is essential.

These are the slow drip regular filling of our pouring vessel.

Then there ARE the bigger moments be they the children having a night away at friends or relatives or you having a chink of time to remember who you are outside your role as a parent (fulfilling as that may be) and whether that’s a night out with friends or a visit to the beach or an art gallery is entirely up to you but important to try to achieve.

Resilience is a bank account you can’t take out of if you haven’t put in. Make sure to make regular deposits part of your routine.

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