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What are the ‘hotspots’ in your family’s day?

I don’t know about you but in my experience there are certain ‘hotspots’ in my family’s day?

Times when tensions run high and voices get raised!

(motivational speaking as I refer to it/bellowing as my kids phrase it 😉).

This is where visual aids come in!

Research shows that the more senses are involved in an activity the more focused an individual is on that activity.

Visual aids have been shown to enhance children’s ability to listen and pay more attention.

They can:

· Help provide structure and routine

· Encourage independence

· Build confidence

· Improve understanding

· Avoid frustration and anxiety (because we may be frustrated but so are our children because they actually don’t want to irritate us and unfortunately when we become frustrated with them it can make them anxious 😔)

Have we told you that our Hatch Programmes are packed full of extra materials?

Nutritional advice, fun activities to help develop your child’s nervous system and some assistance to get your day running a bit more smoothly.

Step forward our downloadable visual aids!

Included in Hatch Programmes are visual aids to assist with morning routines - dressing, teeth brushing, etc.

We include printable picture sequences so your child can talk through what’s expected from them beforehand and then use the pictures as a memory aid to help them achieve the activities required of them in the morning, helping make that point of the day that little bit calmer.

It’s our pleasure 😉 Hatch Programmes just want to help families.

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