• Catherine Silcock

Mental health during the Corvid-19 Crisis

Mental health is a big buzz word at the moment. We know our physical health is intrinsically entwined with our mental health. To be truly healthy we need both.

If anything, this period we are currently living through has taught us how valuable our health is. This current Covid situation is stressful, being in lockdown can cause anxiety and for those of us who have children and are home schooling that can be extremely pressurised. Especially if any of those children have challenges from a learning or behaviour perspective or both. I just listed some of the outside stresses we can’t change, but there are things we can change.

  • We can choose to not put pressure on ourselves.

  • We can cut ourselves some slack.

  • It is unnecessary to achieve anything in this period (apart from keeping yourself and your children safe) unless you want to.

There are individuals who are task driven, who find comfort in ‘doing things’, it is their way of coping with stress. Some people enjoy just being and find the lack of demands on them (from external sources or from themselves) liberating. Both are valid. If you are enjoying the opportunity and gifting your children the extended period to just wallow in being that’s fine. If clearing the loft and making caterpillars out of egg cartons makes you feel better, do it!

Most of us will swing between the two extremes and that is also valid. Don’t feel guilty about either mindset and don’t judge others for theirs. Embrace and enjoy wherever you find yourself, be it doing very little or with an immaculate garage and all the home schooling nailed by 10am. We are all doing our best.

Remember no one can MAKE you feel anything that is your choice.

We know many things can help our mental health to retain equilibrium but some basics we can endeavour to attain are Vitamin D, fresh air and exercise (which release mood enhancing endorphins) and if you can manage that every day great, if not don’t beat yourself up, tomorrow is another day.

Just remember “we ARE all in the same storm we are NOT in the same boat”

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