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Useful Background Research


How do we know Hatch Programmes could help your child?


Take a look through the articles below to help you understand the science behind the programmes.

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What Are Fine Motor Skills?

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Why One Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Core

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Breathing modulates brain activity and mental function


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Exercise boosts brain size and improves academic

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What's the Fuss over Primitive Reflexes


Hand Grip and Your Child’s Development


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Prone Exercises: Doctor attributes
Superman to Preventing
Developmental Delays

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The Neurological Benefits of Exercise

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The brain-changing benefits of exercise


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Cognitive Function and the Pilates Method


These are some of the most influential book and research articles in this field that you may also like to read.

  • Barkley Russel A - Taking Charge of ADHD The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents

  • Brukner L - The kids guide to staying awesome and in control

  • Civardi, Petty, Dunbar, Somerville- Nightlights

  • Goddard Blythe S - Neuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults

  • Huebner - What to do when you grumble too much

  • Huebner - What to do when your brain gets stuck

  • Jacobson R - How Girls with ADHD are different

  • Melillo R - Disconnected kids

  • Melillo R - Reconnected kids

  • Seigal DJ and Payne Bryson T - The Whole Brain Child

  • Ya Wen, Mohamad J. Alshikho, Martha R. Herbert - Pathway Network Analyses for Autism Reveal Multisystem Involvement, Major Overlaps with Other Diseases and Convergence upon MAPK and Calcium Signaling

  • Stephen J.Virgilio-Active Start for Healthy Kids

  • Sharon Promislow-Making the Brain Body Connection

  • Jill A. Johnstone & Molly Ramon-Perceptual Motor Activities for Children

  • Fitts & Posner- Human Performance

  • John F.Thie-Touch for Health Pocketbook

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