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How do I know I've chosen the correct programme for my child?

  • There's no need to worry about this - with your full bundle of courses simply start with either the Red or Lime Hatch Programme and work your way through the bundle from there.

  • Your child may well exhibit a few characteristics which cross over the programmes. Don't worry about this. The programmes are designed to re-visit certain key elements to make sure they are embedded in your child's development.


How long does each programme take?

  • The programmes are designed to be followed over a 12 week period.

  • The exercises and activities are split into a warm up section and a main section.

  • In total these last less than 10 minutes and can be split if need be.

  • We recommend doing the programme between 3-5 days each week.


Will the programmes benefit my autistic or special needs child?

  • The programme was first created as a response to Catherine's son's ASD symptoms.

  • She first noted he was different at about 18 months old, she asked at nursery and was told "no" but in year one they asked her to get him tested.

  • She knew. She knew despite people telling her his behaviour was due to parenting or her husband telling her because she sees these children professionally that she was projecting.

  • But he is now in a mainstream school is good at sport and is popular.

  • Some may argue that is as a result of the work we done to help him.

  • Each of the characters is based around retained primitive reflexes and ways to integrate them.

  • Retaining primitive reflexes can lead to the set of symptoms described by the umbrella terms of autism spectrum.

  • We wanted to create something that was convenient and user friendly but effective for both parents and children.

  • It doesn’t take the place of the bespoke treatment one would get from OT’s, chiropractors, nutritionists, neurologists and orthodontists (all of whom Catherine has consulted and many more in regard to her son) but it is significantly less expensive and removes the appointments which need to be scheduled in school hours and the journeys with multiple children or the arrangements that need to take place to have them go alone with you.

  • We all just want the world to see the gorgeous person we can see in our child and not let their struggles obscure that. Hatch programmes aim to help that process in a drug-free, supportive way.

  • There will always be those that argue the improvements seen in the individuals that have undergone these exercise programmes would have occurred as the individual matures.

  • This is a field where randomised controlled trials is an impossibility as it is impossible to find two identical children with identical needs living in the same environment and only have one undergo the programme.

  • So we are currently left with our own anecdotal and experiential research which has proved extremely positive in making key changes in behaviour.

How do I know my money is well spent?

  • We completely understand that when you have a family every penny is accounted for.

  • Our programmes offer you the opportunity to access some of the most current methods of helping children progress and develop without going to specialist appointments.

  • So no extra transport costs or time off from work.

  • You follow the programme in your own time in your own home.

At less than 14p per day this offers tremendous value and is priceless for your child's future.


Click on any of our programmes and you can see the full curriculum and the types of exercises included along with the extra support materials.

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