Foundation Hatch Programmes

This is the place to start with our programmes.

Take a look at the programmes below and see if you recognise any of these characteristics in your child.

If you do, then we recommend starting with one of these Foundation Hatch Programmes.


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These further  Hatch Programmes can help with specific issues such as poor concentration, help with handwriting, poor posture, reading challenges, thumb-sucking etc.

Managing aggressive outbursts and tantrums

Red Hatch Programme

Our Red Hatch Character is an angry and frustrated little character. If your child is prone to aggressive outbursts and struggles to control their temper they will be right at home with this programme.

Our 12 week progressive Red Hatch Programme is designed to help your child if they:

  • Struggle to control their temper

  • Are often fed up and upset with life

  • Have aggressive outbursts

  • Are defiant

  • Have tantrums

  • Dislike change

Prepare for School Hatch Programme

Supporting the essential skills needed at this exciting time of your child's life.

The Prepare for School Programme includes a 4-week video programme of simple to do exercises. This is enhanced by full supporting literature to enable you to optimise your child's development.


Our Prepare for School Hatch Programme is designed to help your child with these essential skills:

  • Concentration

  • Pencil Grip and Control

  • Reading and Eyeline tracking

  • Right and left brain connectivity

  • Confidence

  • Sensory Development

  • Core Control

Supporting night terrors and clingly kids

Lime Hatch Programme

Our Lime Hatch Character is afraid of the world. They will often sit huddled in a corner or become over clingy. Night terrors are a common occurrence in this household. If your child is scared of life then they will be right at home with this programme.


Our 12 week progressive Lime Hatch Programme is designed to help your child if they:

  • Have anxiety issues

  • Find it hard to make eye contact

  • Is clingy (more than normal)

  • Struggles with night terrors

  • Has panic attacks

Click HERE to join our clinical director Cat and exercise director Jo as they talk about what developmental foundations are all about and which of the Hatch Programmes would help your child.

"I purchased the Red Hatch Programme for my son as he was struggling with meltdowns at home and concentration at school.


The benefits were apparent in a few short weeks.

The programme is easy to follow and my son enjoys doing them each day.


His meltdowns have become much less frequent and less upsetting for him, so he is coping with life in general much better.

This programme was amazing for us, what a difference!


I'd highly recommend it if your child struggles with particular aspects of every day life."

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