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 Are you looking to help your child manage their anger or anxiety issues?

Hatch Programmes offer the only online exercise based programme of its kind aimed specifically at helping spectrum children overcome meltdowns and anxiety.
These programmes are run in small groups and we only run 5 groups per month.


  • Easily digestible 12 part programme, with a weekly coaching call, that helps your child make significant changes in their behaviour that will positively impact the whole family


  • See your child able to cope better in just 3 months


  • Relieve the constant stress for all the family that living with the spectre of meltdowns and anxiety brings and be able to enjoy family life without constantly being on high alert

There are 2 Foundation Hatch Programmes to help support your child if they have anger issues or struggle with anxiety.

You can read more about them HERE.

There are also further 7 Hatch Programmes if you need some support with common childhood challenges such as reading or writing issues, poor concentration, lack of body tone and weak core, poor coordination etc. More information can be found HERE.


The programmes are aimed at all children between the ages of 4-12 years but anyone can do them and still benefit.


The programmes are all filmed with children of different capabilities to make your child feel right at home.

Why wait? Simply choose the Hatch Programme that matches your child and get started today.



each programme is backed up with bonus nutritional, daily living and support toolkits to optimise your results.

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"I purchased the Red Hatch Programme for my son as he was struggling with meltdowns at home and concentration at school.


The benefits were apparent in a few short weeks.

The programme is easy to follow and my son enjoys doing them each day.


His meltdowns have become much less frequent and less upsetting for him, so he is coping with life in general much better.

This programme was amazing for us, what a difference!


I'd highly recommend it if your child struggles with particular aspects of every day life."

Further Testimonials HERE

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Fun, simple movement-based solutions to support parents and children as they grow and develop


Did you know that movement is the foundation of all learning?

It provides the building blocks for our developmental foundations to improve sensory and motor development.

This in turn influences how your children cope with tasks at school such as reading and writing.

We offer unique 12 week programmes to help re-establish these building blocks and help your child break out of the shell that is holding them back.

Read the research HERE

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